Mosa-RT innovation building: looking to the future

The Mosa-RT Campus in Maaseik (Belgium) has added a new building. Dubbed the ‘incubator for education’, the new innovation centre on the school’s campus on Weertersteenweg will provide a versatile space for carrying out experiments. This is far from a typical school building, comprising a number of high-ceilinged spaces that can be tailored to the requirements of each lesson.
The building was made entirely using timber-frame construction. The wooden components, walls, floors and roofs were prefabricated at Machiels Building Solutions’ production plant in Genk. The use of 3D design and industrial production prevents errors on site, which drastically reduces the construction time and avoids on-site failure costs. The dry construction technique and the high level of prefabrication means that finishing can start as soon as the timber-frame construction components have been erected. This was key to delivering the building in record time.
Prefabricated timber components have excellent insulation values. The certified fire-resistant timber-frame walls, with their very high levels of airtightness, substantial insulating capacity and much-enhanced acoustics (as legally required and absolutely essential in schools), are the ideal solution for fast, high-quality and energy-efficient construction, ensuring a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

  • Builder

    KaSO Maaseik

  • Contractor

    Machiels Building Solutions

  • Architect

    ar-te Architectenvenootchap

  • Period


  • Address

    Weertersteenweg 135 A_x000D_<br /> 3680 Maaseik

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