Rely on our timber
construction expertise

Machiels Building Solutions designs and builds large volumes of high-quality, innovative and sustainable total solutions in timber frame construction.

Vakantiewoningen in houtskeletbouw. Het is een van de troeven van MBS.

Timber frame construction offers numerous benefits. MBS makes the difference with four additional benefits.

Timber frame construction allows you to build fast, fire-safe, energy-efficient, ecological and comfortable buildings, and also provides the required scope for creativity. Machiels Building Solutions was founded 15 years ago based on this conviction, combined with the benefits of an industrial production method for timber frame construction.

  • A large production capacity

    MBS has a large industrial production capacity for timber frame construction. We produce a large number of components within a short time, while guaranteeing quality time after time. Machiels Building Solutions ensures a smooth turnaround time for every project.

  • Total peace of mind

    Machiels Building Solutions invents, develops and supplies sustainable timber structure building applications for new construction and renovation projects. We translate our customers’ wishes into projects for which we develop the technical design, followed by thoroughly preparing for and executing the project. Thanks to the expertise and commitment of our engineers, planners and subcontractors, we always deliver high-quality, contemporary and affordable projects tailored to the customer’s needs.

  • Innovative solutions tailored to the market

    We develop progressive products and solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. Our automated production line for timber-frame elements is among the best in Europe. We also continuously work on our own innovation projects and participate in research projects. This makes us a leader in our market.

  • Quick construction with advanced prefabrication

    MBS assembles your wooden building elements at high speed, since we work out all the components in detail in the workshop.

Flexibility, thanks to a
2D working method

There is no project that MBS cannot handle, thanks to our construction methods. MBS has consciously chosen to manufacture all building elements (floors, walls and roofs) in its own workshops, after which they are assembled on site. This 2D working method allows us enormous architectural freedom. Since we decisively opt for modularity at element level instead of the construction level, we are able to easily integrate all building elements with each other. Thereby providing us much more flexibility within a design.

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