Your construction partner for affordable housing

Machiels Building Solutions is a trusted partner of various contractors and project developers for a variety of timber-frame houses.

Machiels Building Solutions builds sustainable, high-quality homes at affordable prices for its customers.

Today’s construction landscape looks completely different from what it did a few years ago. Insulation standards are becoming increasingly stringent, and private buyers are also attaching increasing importance to ecological materials and lower energy bills, without having to sacrifice comfort.

Although sustainable and environmentally conscious construction is still too often seen as complex, it does not have to be that way. Machiels Building Solutions assures you that it can easily realise affordable solutions with lower CO2 emissions. Our efficient production process ensures that a much lower environmental impact as compared to traditional construction methods.

Betaalbaar wonen met houtskeletbouw woningen van MBS

Affordable customised houses

Machiels Building Solutions designs and produces technically sound solutions.

Affordable houses based on a standard model

Machiels Building Solutions also offers some standard homes with an inventive and high-quality design: homes that are ready for the future using bio-based materials, among other things. It is therefore a budget-friendly execution that fulfils the needs of contemporary and future buyers.

Een woning met standaardmodelAfgewerkte sleutel-op-de-deur woning in houtskeletbouw

MBS makes affordable housing accessible to all

‘Sustainable construction’ often also means ‘complex’ and ‘slow’ construction. In many cases, environmentally conscious choices also have a major impact on the budget. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our strong belief at Machiels Building Solutions is that sustainable construction can also be executed with speed, high-quality and affordability.

Construction out of the (wooden) box: benefits as an industrial timber frame construction specialist

Timber frame construction offers numerous benefits. It allows you to build fast, fire-safe, energy-efficient, ecological and comfortable buildings and also provides you with the required scope for creativity. Machiels Building Solutions makes the difference by providing construction out of the (wooden) box advantages.

  • A large production capacity

    MBS guarantees fast, flexible and high-quality servic.

  • An efficient approach

    MBS strives to achieve an efficient construction process that excludes mistakes by thoroughly preparing and consulting with the customer before commencing production.

  • Leaders in affordable solutions

    MBS assures you the best solution on the market at an affordable price. We lead the market by rolling out our own innovation projects and by participating in research projects. We make them affordable due to our large production capacity and efficiency.

  • A sustainable partner

    Timber frame construction is a sustainable and environmentally friendly construction method. Needless to say, for MBS, the sustainability aspect also extends to our business operations.

  • Part of Group Machiels

    MBS is part of the internationally inspired Group Machiels, mainly active in renewable energy, environmental management and real estate. Group Machiels not only builds sustainable, modular homes and repurposes vacant buildings, but also develops sustainable and multimodal business parks and port areas. Group Machiels’ focus on quality and sustainability also extends to the activities of its subsidiary MBS.

    An industrial
    manufacturer of
    timber frame buildings

    Machiels Building Solutions is a Belgian industrial manufacturer of timber construction components (walls, floors and roofing) that is based in Genk with a direct link to Port of Limburg.

    MBS builds high-quality, innovative and sustainable total solutions in large volumes in very short order. Thanks to our strong engineering department, large production capacity and many years of experience, every customer can count on affordable and high-quality customisation for its project.

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