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Heusden-Zolder – Velodroom Sports complex

  • New construction façades

New mecca of Belgian cycling

Since 2009, former cyclist Marc Wauters has been pushing for a new cycling track at the Zolder circuit – a ‘fast track’ with wide bends tailored to international championships. Some 10 years later, the ball is in the court: Vanhout and Houben are forming a temporary association of contractors, and MBS will supply the timber-frame facade elements that will make the ‘velo-dream’ come true by 2023.
Avapartners and Hasselt-based firm DBV Architects designed the plans. While Sweco – also from Hasselt – carried out the study work. They took the speed of the track into account from the start. It is 250 m long and has two wide curves. This allows cyclists to reach higher speeds… and makes the track interesting for attacking and improving records. The new track in Zolder also meets the UCI standards for European Championships and World Championships. So who knows, perhaps a world champion will soon be thundering between our timber-frame construction facades… The sports complex covers 15,000 m². Most attention is obviously paid to the cycling track itself. But in the central square there are also four sports units where indoor sports (e.g. volleyball, basketball and tennis) can be played.
Façade construction for cycling centre
MBS delivers the prefabricated facade panels ‘just in time’ to the site. In the workshop, experts work in the best conditions to produce the facade according to the strictest fire and environmental requirements. By using industrially produced prefabricated facades, we can close the building very quickly.  This minimises costs and maximises construction speed. In short, speed on and around the slopes.

  • Builder

    vzw Sportcomplex Vlaanderen/Heusden-Zolder het consortium ‘Wielerdroom’

  • Contractor

    TM Vanhout-Houben

  • Architect

    Avapartners & Planners, DBV Architecten Multiprofesionele Architectenvenootschap

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  • Address


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