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Antwerpen – Kiel – Hollebeek Residential Care centre

  • New construction façades

Residential care-home association GZA Woonzorggroep builds new care centre in Antwerp's Kiel neighbourhood

The brand-new Hollebeek care centre will offer a range of services to older people in the Antwerp region. It aims to provide a home, in small residential clusters, to dementia sufferers and those with a long-term psychiatric condition. With a surface area of around 8,100 m², the facility will comprise 117 housing units, a short-term accommodation centre with three units, and a daycare centre with 15 accommodation units. As well as the care centre, 60 service flats will be built on the new site.
The new building will have a boomerang-shaped design and five floors. The ground floor is intended for communal facilities and services, such as a kitchen, a hairdresser’s salon, an ergotherapist and a physiotherapist. The daycare centre, which will have its own entrance, will be housed there too. The four other floors above this will each hold one cluster of 30 housing units. Last but not least, there will be an underground car park for 72 cars and 60 bicycles.
The care centre will be a separate building, with a boomerang-shaped design. The concrete supporting structure will be lined with insulating timber-frame façade elements. Prefabricated concrete components were chosen for the façade finish.

  • Builder

    GZA Woonzorggroep Wilrijk

  • Contractor

    Artes - Rogiers

  • Architect

    Xaveer De Geyter Architecten

  • Period


  • Address

    Turnerstraat 34-36_x000D_<br /> 2020 Antwerpen

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