Stunning timber-frame façades with arch-shaped components for the Maankwartier in Heerlen

On 31 August 2019, crowds turned out for the official opening of a brand-new railway station in the Dutch city of Heerlen. The ‘Maankwartier’ (Moon Quarter) is not only home to the new station but also a place where people can live, work, travel and relax. The area around the station includes shops, cafés, a hotel, homes and offices.
An imposing bridge over the railway line, nicknamed ‘de plaat’ (‘the slab’) by locals, not only connects the southern and northern parts of Heerlen but also forms a natural link between the current shopping centre and the new retail complex at the foot of the bridge. A hotel has even been built on top of this eye-catching feature. All in all, it is a remarkable feat of construction.
For the façade finishing, the client, Jongen BV, opted for timber-frame construction over all other building techniques available on the market. And there are very good reasons why. Constructing the façade from timber-frame components reduces the overall weight of the structure considerably, meaning that the bridge could be lighter without compromising its stability and durability. The smooth work flow meant that there was no disruption to trains and buses and the build time was much reduced. The prefab façade panels were delivered by Machiels Building Solutions on a ‘just in time’ basis and quickly and easily assembled on site.

  • Builder

    Bouwontwikkeling Jongen bv

  • Contractor

    Bouwbedrijf Jongen bv

  • Architect

    Kunstenaar Michel Huisman, Uitwerkend architect Wauben Architects

  • Period


  • Address

    Heerlen - Station

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