New build of four classrooms and multi-purpose space

A new school building was completed in Vlierbeek, Kessel-Lo, in a record time of 10 weeks. This construction project could only be carried out during the holiday period, and the classrooms had to be ready for use by the start of the new school year. This called for a building system that was fast but did not compromise on quality or sustainability.
Within a period of just 10 weeks, MBS managed to both demolish the old building in Vlierbeek and replace it with a brand-new building containing four classrooms and a multi-purpose space. Thanks to MBS’s industrialised building process, efficient insulation, exterior joinery and services were already fitted at the plant, significantly reducing the amount of work that needed to be done on the building site, in turn cutting the construction time and therefore the construction costs. The demolition took a week and the foundations and sewer system were installed just two weeks later. With so much of the timber structure prefabricated at the MBS plant, erecting the timber structure took only six days, after which the finishing work could get under way.
An environmentally-friendly heating system, comprising a water pump and heat-recovery ventilation, was installed in the school buildings, ensuring lower energy bills throughout the lifetime of the school. Moreover, timber-frame construction offers much-improved acoustics and a healthy environment for the children.

  • Builder

    vzw Katholiek Onderwijs Kessel-Lo

  • Contractor

    Machiels Building Solutions

  • Architect

    Architectenbureau Vanthournhout bvba

  • Period


  • Address

    Liemingenstraat 11, BE-3000 Leuven (Kessel-Lo)

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